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Why should we choose your platform?

Well, aside from what we list here, there is:

  • A modern, clean UI for your staff and members
  • Set different 'perks' based on memberships such as discounted reservations
  • Limit on the max days in advance that members are allowed to reserve a court
  • Members receive e-mail notifications of their reservations
  • Block out specific times and courts for events such as camps or lessons
  • Assign recurring reservations for a specified amount of time (useful for camps or lessons)
  • Set your reservation fees based the way your club operates (per court, per player)
  • Set a 'prime time' fee (e.g. +$5.00 weekdays from 5pm-8pm)

In the end, it would be best to book a demo with us. The bottom line is, if you want to maximize club usage and provide members with a cutting edge, mobile experience, then Court Concierge is for you.

What exactly are we buying?

You're buying the rights to use the Court Concierge platform, fully configured for your club or facility, and securely hosted in the cloud with an SSL certificate included (so all links will be HTTPS). The platform also includes the database needed to run Court Concierge. You own the data from the database (in other words, you own the database instance).

The Court Concierge platform itself is a full-featured modern platform to run your club: from bookings, payments, membership management and more.

Is there a Service Level Agreement?

We aim for 99% uptime, and rely on service providers who also aim for 99% or greater availability. If there’s an issue, we’ll notify you. If the issue lasts longer than one hour, we will post a root cause analysis report. If there’s an impact to your business (revenue loss), we will issue credits that don’t exceed the value of the current contract remaining period.

We’ve included more detailed information in the service contract.


What if my club doesn't use or need a certain feature?

That's no problem - Court Concierge is designed with that in mind. Things like memberships, points and so on are not mandatory to use. Owners can decide how they want to accept payment for bookings. For example, you may want your members to only be able to reserve using points or payment via Stripe prior to creating a reservation, or you may want to allow reservations to be created online but receive payment at your place of business.

Court Concierge lets you easily modify these options to your preference in the Admin Dashboard.

It seems like your platform should have this feature, but it doesn't. Why not?

Court Concierge puts an effort to include everything your facility may want. If you feel like we are missing something that should be there, let us know.


Is this a one time payment or a recurring fee?

We offer clients the option to pay for an entire year, or monthly. Discounts are extended for multi-year commitments

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Currently, we are offering two months free on pre-paid yearly plans. On top of that, we are offering heavy discounts on early bird clients.

Where are your prices?

We currently do not advertise our prices in public.

What are your refund and cancellation policies?

We hope that our platform lets you grow your business and we can add value over the long term. If you wish to cancel, please provide 30 days notice of cancellation by email for monthly plans. Annual plans can be refunded on a prorated basis, less one month.

We’ve included more detailed information in the service contract.


Where is the data kept?

All data related to your organization is kept in a secure data center. Each of our clients receive their own unique database. There is no configuration that you need to do - Court Concierge comes packaged with the database configured and ready to go.

Clients receive a master account that is used to manage the platform. This account will have administrative rights to configure their club via the admin panel (ie. assign staff, set fees, hours etc).

Who has access to the data?

You (if you are the owner).

Technically speaking, I (CC Lead Developer) can access the data. The only time that this may be necessary is with support requests where it is necessary (and with your knowledge).

Keep in mind that we don't store any highly sensitive data such as passwords or any credit card information. You can find our privacy policy here


How do we contact you for support? How long does it take?

Support can be contacted directly from the Court Concierge platform. The majority of the time your support request will be handled within an hour or two. There should never be a situation that would take more than 24 hours to receive support.


What is the onboarding process?

One of the first steps is importing your current member database to the database for your club. To do this, we'll need an exported database of your members - this usually comes as a .CSV file.

Court Concierge does the initial configuration of your club - the courts, the hours, memberships, fees and so on. Clients wishing to configure it themselves (or certain parts) are given that option. Additionally, clients can also opt out of certain features such as Stripe integration (for clubs who only want to accept money in their facility).

Clubs are assigned their own domain name (e.g. that will simply navigate members from their existing website to the platform.

Administrators are provided with an account to manage club details and assign credentials for their staff. This is usually all it takes before members can start reserving courts! Typically a club will advise members of the new platform and a go-live date. We help through the entire process and make sure everything is working as expected.

How long does it take from the time of purchase to being ready to use?

A day or two. There isn't an exact time that it takes, but you can expect it within a couple days.

You are not charged for the time it takes to set up.

What if I have issues afterwards?

We try to make sure it is working as expected when it is initially released. If you notice any issues afterwards, let us know and we'll investigate and fix it right away.

Your platform offers members to pay online via Stripe. How does that work?

Court Concierge uses Stripe to facilitate payments. Stripe is certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world. Read more about Stripe security.

Stripe charges 2.9% + C$0.30 for each successful transaction. To enable Stripe with Court Concierge, clients will need their business information along with other minor details. Court Concierge does not receive or handle any payouts from transactions. Payouts are directly sent to your company account.

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